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Safe Food Cooking Temperatures

Many potentially hazardous foods (e.g. meat, poultry, seafood) already harbour harmful bacteria when purchased. Cooking foods to the correct temperature is essential for reducing the number of bacteria and preventing food-borne illness.
Safe Food Cooking Temperatures

This handy fact sheet was designed as a quick reference for kitchen staff to ensure that potentially hazardous foods (e.g. meat, poultry, seafood) are cooked to the temperature required to reduce the number of microorganisms — including dangerous pathogens — that can cause food-borne illness.

Always use a clean, sanitized and calibrated probe thermometer to check food temperatures, and remember to insert the thermometer into the coldest part of the food item, such as the centre of a piece of meat.

Note: Regulations specifying safe cooking temperatures in Manitoba are different from those specified or recommended in the rest of Canada. 

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